Lil of Lils garden“Hello. My name is Lil and I’m addicted to Gardening”. (picture here a shy wave and cheesy grin as I plop back onto my folding chair at the Gardener’s Anonymous* meeting).

Just Kidding! Well… not about the addicted to gardening part! I could probably benefit from a GA* meeting now and then!

I’ve been gardening here in Illinois for thirty years now, organically for about twenty.
I ran a retail garden center for eight years ( where I was unofficially known as The Garden Center Lady) and have been growing organic heirloom tomato & pepper plants, along with herbs and the occasional perennial, from seed in my own little greenhouse for about seven years.

Food gardening is important to me but Perennial gardening is my real passion! The thrill of the hunt for that special plant at the local garden centers (or having access to the order form from the Nursery that supplies your own garden center – now that’s dangerous!).

Then there’s the planning, planting, digging up, splitting and replanting Perennials. That’s the addicting part- always trying to increase your collection! Always trying to squeeze another plant in and always trying to push the limits of where you can grow that plant (yes, it’s a wet and shady spot, but that iris would look sooo good there!) And let’s not forget to mention the constant trading of plants with my other Junkie friends… Hi Pat! (frantic waving to her across the room at the GA meeting).

Like my art, I am self taught in the skills of gardening, learning all I know from years of trial & error, scouring through countless books, listening to seasoned gardeners, friends, my GC customers and the wonderful people in the Nursery Business that supplied the Garden Center.

And I’m still learning, every day, which brings me to my other – ehem, hobbies.
Did I mention I am also an artist? A photographer? A writer? And that I like to make stick horses?
Well I am and I do.

I’ve been drawing, painting, writing stories and taking pictures for as long as I can remember. Like my gardening experience, I never had any formal training in the arts. Just lots of books and practice.
The stick horses kind of happened by accident.

See the stick horses here at my Etsy Shop

Well, now that you know a little bit about me, I’d love to hear from you!

You can like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or leave comments here.
Feel free to browse my shops and blogs. In fact, grab a cup of coffee and visit my blog: www.LilsGardenTour.com . That one will keep you busy for hours!
Thanks for visiting and Happy Gardening!

* as of this post, I am unaware of any real Gardener’s Anonymous programs but I’m sure they would be well attended if they did exist!


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